Burning C&C Generals and Zero Hour

I am trying to make workable copies of Generals and Zero Hour as I want to use them without emulation. I have 2 legal copies so we network and play against one another.

I have GCE-8160B burner and am using Alcohol 1.9.2 build 1705. My system is a Gateway 1.5Ghz with 768MB mem. I have Windows XP SP2. When reading the cds, I used 4x speed, selected Safedisk, and kept all other settings default within Alcohol. When writing to a blank cd (TDK) I use all default settings. When I installed Generals on another workstation to test out the copies the installation appeared to go fine. But when I started the game with the Disc 1 in the CDRW it gave me an error about not detecting a CD in the drive and to reinsert CD. I tried multiple times with the same results. Does anyone have an idea what might be happening. Thanks

Welcome grandall :),

according to your hardware, quality media and your settings you should have a nice ‘1:1’ backup. You LG is a 2sheep model and it’s able to handle SafeDisc 2.8 and 2.9. Did you use 4x for reading and writing? Are you running your backup from a CDRW or DVDRW drive or are you using a normal -ROM drive? Using CDRW or DVDRW dives you need to enable hide ATIP in Alcohol. Using a -ROM drive is the easiest way to get rid of the ATIP check.

It really does sound as an atip-hiding issue… Try playing from a CD/DVD -ROM. If not an option, you should have software like Alcohol or CloneCD to have the option of hiding atip enabled.

Dont quote me , but some ppl say that clonecd is blacklisted as far as alot of safedisc games go, not sure if this is one of them and as i dont have clonecd installed i may be wrong, so if you have clonecd installed it may be worth uninstalling then trying.

Some one who maybe has experianced problems with clonecd installed may be able to offer a confirmation or denial.

I am pretty sure this isn’t the case here, as the game is not new (it has Safedisc 2.9x on it).

I stand corrected :slight_smile:

Maybe i should install Clone :slight_smile:

It’s working on my system with CloneCD installed, you’re right about some SafeDisc 3.20.022 titles like CODUO blacklists CloneCD. I’m not able to play it until I uninstall CloneCD, really an annoying blacklist.

When i had Clone CD installed on my computer (i got rid of it, due to SafeDIsk 3.x irritations) i was able to run the game fine, i made a backup that worked without emulation on clonecd using the SafeDisk clonecd profile available on the CDfreaks forum, in the clone cd section.

(Note: I only had Generals, not Zero hour.)

Oh, and one quick question, did you buy the copys when they first came out, or in the recently released twin pack (or not so recently, but u get my point) as i am beleived they updated the copy protection for the twin pack (but i can’t confirm.)

Sorry, I can’t help you on that, I have the discs from the very start of their release.

Got the Twinpack release protection is still the same.

Well this is interesting!!! I thought I must be a dill because I’ve got EXACTLY the same problem (ie Generals & Zero Hour) copied disks are not “recognised”.
I’ve used CloneCD and Alcohol 120% (both bought and paid for) and it makes absolutely no difference - I’ve even tried burning at 1X speed - no dice.
I reckon I’ve made a couple of dozen “coasters” because I get the scrits and decide that this stupid machine isn’t going to beat me - doesn’t work though.

I’m using a Pioneer DVR-A07XLA (retail version) fitted to a decent computer and “flashed” with Pioneer’s latest driver. I’m also using the latest versions of CloneCD and Alcohol 120%.

When using Alcohol 120% I get a ‘bad read error’ message on the progress log.

Maybe I need to refit my old CDRW just to use for copying these stubborn games.

BTW…I am NOT into Piracy - I just want to be able to protect my $90 game and be able to play against my son on a LAN.

The errors are normal. Let them go through. Also take a look at my guide if you’re unsure. Link in my sig.:slight_smile:

Well Oil Beef Hooked!!!
I just enabled the Hide CDR Media option on CloneCD Tray and ALL the coasters now start the game…
How easy was that???
What a DILL I was!!!
Give it a try, you have nothing to lose.

BTW…thanks for that guide, being on dial-up I’ll download it later on. I’ll let you know how it goes after I’ve tried stuff from it…I assume (yeah I know) that’s what you want.

Steve :bow: