Burning bootable image to dvd

I’m trying to burn a bootable image onto a dvd so when i want to reformat my harddrive i can just pop the cd in and let it do its thing. i have succsesfully made the image but i cant seem to get in onto a dvd.
I am using nero express2, i do have a copy of nero6 that i could easily get. please help. thank you.

Don’t understand what you are trying to do. Do you want to reinstall Windows or make an image of an existing drive or what? Please explain.

i have everything ready and an image ready, when i goto the DVD section of nero then goto bootable data disc. i go to add the image to the disc and it says ’ The file “image.nrg” is larger than 2gigs and therefore cannot be stored in an ISO file system. Please use the UDF file system to write such large files. This can be done by selecting anouther compilation type." i guess what im asking is should i make a new image of my harddrive in a diffrent format? if so, how? if not, what do i do?

O.K., I tried this with an image and I see what you are saying. It looks like the only way to make a bootable dvd is to add the individual files to a compilation, not an image. After adding the files, and the boot device, you can then make an image if you want to, or you can go ahead and burn it to dvd. This is using nero burning rom.

As I understand it you are trying to burn an already created DVD image (image.nrg) to a DVD, but what you tell Nero to do is in fact to add the image as a file to a compilation.

Try this instead (Nero 6): Recorder => Burn Image…

You can also change the Nero 6 preferences so that Nero will ask you what to do when you try adding a single image file to a compilation:

File => Preferences => Misc
[x] Show a message box when adding single image files to a compilation


For Nero 6 Express you can burn an already created image file by choosing “Disc Image or Saved Project” and then selecting your image.nrg file.

I’m trying something similar and encountering a problem. I want to back up my notebook with Ghost32.exe (Ghost 8.0) from a WinPE session but writing the image directly to the usb external DVD writer is not supported. … so I boot WinPE, run Ghost32, dump the image to a USB external hdd (4-2GB files), and would like to transfer 2 per single layer DVD. I want to put the WinPE and Ghost32.exe on the first disk so it will boot and run from RAM drive, run Ghost32 and restore the image, one disk at a time until finished.

The problem is that, even though the WinPE is bootable on CD, when I write it to DVD it is not. I used the WinPE utility oscdimg.exe to create an ISO (with -m option to write an .iso larger than 700mB). It works on CD (without the Ghost files), boots and runs. … but when I burn the same .iso image to DVD (both using Nero 6) it will not boot but I can see and read all files.

What am I doing wrong or not doing?

One more question… what DVD writer should I get? I have one that works from Nero, single layer, and I haven’t encountered problems with it yet, except that it may be the reason why Ghost32 won’t write directly to it. (incompatable?) … anyway, I’d like a dual layer (or should I hold out for one of the new BlueRay or HD-DVD drives for data backups) Maybe this isn’t the forum to discuss hardware… if now where should I look? . Thanks.