Burning Blu-Ray : use

Just installed a Pioneer BDR 205 today, replacing a 3-days owned LG BH10 for which I got ‘‘burning failed’’ messages (NERO 9, latest release, under Windows 7 x64) on 3 BD-R discs. Although the burned material was there. Just DATA.

Now wondering if the fact I had choosen ISO (and not UDF) may have anything to do with those messages ? (I was burning at 2x only, on Verbatim BD-R media). Seems like there may have been in an issue with the LG drive capability to use LTH discs, but not sure.

So in my next try (another $12 piece…), should I burn data with UDF or ISO ? What’s the difference ?


I use ImgBurn for all my burning needs. For data, even on BD media, I’d use the default setting in ImgBurn, which is ISO9660 + UDF 1.02.

For Blu ray video, use UDF 2.5

ImgBurn will usually warn you if you choose the wrong file system setting for the type of information you are burning. This holds true for divx/xvid video and BD video. Don’t know about data burns.

Thanks for sharing this. This is much appreciated. And thanks for sharing the imgBurn recommandation :slight_smile:

I recommend everyone to give it a try now. And as suggested by the creator, I gave my $3. I encourage evryone to do it : a program like this deserve our support.