Burning Blu-Ray DVDs

These might be pretty stupid quesiton/s but…

Does it matter what burner u have if you want to burn Blu-Ray discs?
Is the only thing I need besides a (normal) dvd-burner a blu-ray disc?
What about burning-software… does it matter if I burn a blu-ray disc? Do all burn softwares (for example: nero) support burning on blu-ray discs?

Ok… I can imagine you very well reading what I wrote and laughing :wink:

To burn Blu-ray discs you need a Blu-ray burner, and of course Blu-ray discs. It is not possible to burn a Blu-ray disc with a [B]DVD[/B] burner, exactly as it is not possible to burn a DVD disc with a [B]CD[/B] burner.

For what I know, all latest versions of the various burning softwares (ImgBurn, nero, roxio, etc) are able to manage Blu-ray media.