Burning Blindwrite images with Alcohol

I recently made backups of GTA:Vice City and Enter the Matrix.
Both games are new Securom.

Since these are the first games I have purchased that use this new Securom I tried backing them up with two different programs.

For GTA, I used Alcohol (1.4.3 b410) to read and write the cds. No problems once Hide CD-R and RMPS emulation are active.

For ETM, I used BlindWrite Suite ( to read and BWA Builder to create the CD’s physical info. Then I used Alcohol to burn the image. The resulting CD did not work properly with RMPS emulation. Regardless of my settings under Alcohol or Daemon Tools the CD’s label is always “NEEDS EMULATION”. (Yes, I did eject and reinsert the cd after setting the emulation) I then repeated the experiment using Blindwrite to burn the same image. That CD works perfectly once Hide CD-R and RMPS emulation are active.

Is Alcohol not fully compatible with the newest Blindwrite images, was this just a fluke, or did I do something wrong?