Burning .Bins with nero Problems




Ihave had a look through this forum and not found the answer to my problem (shock)

I have a clean install of XP and a clean copy of nero everything works fine except burning bin and cues. when i load the cue file up and set it off to burn, it claims that the bin file is over 4000meg

has ne1 else had this trouble????

thanks in advance




copy the text in the cue file and post it please


ok I am at work now, so cant post the actual cue files. but it is doing it with several different ones that I was trying to burn yesterday…

Will post them up when i get home…

I think is an aspi thing as I am having probs with cdrwin too… it will burn the cd and claim it was succesful but the disc wont mount even though I can physically see with my eyes that the data is on the disc

Thanks again



i see

then there is no need to post the cue file…

Do you have the latest aspi driver installed? aspi4.70


yepI have aspi 4.70 installed and aspicheck claims all is well…:wink: I will post up which aspi files are being used

a little more information… xp burns .iso’s with the iso burning powertoy, without any problems.

Also a little research around says that nero only supports single track .bins… the bins I am trying are AKAI/red book audio… so they that 1 data track and umpteen audio tracks…


I hope we can sort this cause my xp system is actually werking reaqlly well and its the last thing I need to sort before making a final working image.


Use cdrwin or Diskjuggler


perhaps the burning tool of XP is the problem…try to shut it down
Do you have al updates for xp and cd-burning? Look at their downloads;


Can you try FIREBURNER?? perhaps that wil work


Try to do this:

  1. in nero click on FILE then burn image

  2. in the open dialog type in . then enter

  3. select the bin and open it

from there you should get another dialog appear asking you data mode and all that stuff

  1. in the new dialog box check off the box labeled " RAW data"
    leave everything else

then just click ok, that will work most of the time.


Originally posted by damiandimitri
[B]i see

then there is no need to post the cue file…

Do you have the latest aspi driver installed? aspi4.70 [/B]

I did a clean install too I had the same problem, get rid of the aspi drivers i was using 4.70 too,go to cdrwin download v3.8G and install there drivers it took me two days to work this one out but it all works now:cool:


Originally posted by leadfoot3

get rid of the aspi drivers i was using 4.70 too, go to cdrwin download v3.8G and install there drivers[/B]
No, no, no - bad karma - yes, the CDRWin ASPI file works but not everywhere. Yes, 4.70 is unstable in some XP systems. 4.60 & 4.57 are stable and fine for XP. You can burn in XP with Ahead’s ASPI file. Copy the Program Files\ahead
ero WNASPI32.DLL to the \windows\system folder; do this if you uninstall Adaptec’s ASPI file, which unsurprisingly is also WNASPI32.DLL … the ahead version is much bigger in size


yes 4.6 was more stable but with 4.7 i could do data cd but not bin files but if iam right there must not be any duplicate in the system folder (ASPI32.SYS/WOWPOST.EXE/WINASPI.DLL/WNASPI32.DLL) there should only be one of each to stop conflicts


i am using the special xp drivers from adaptec…

what is different about them? they give me no problems…


The acronym ASPI stands for Advanced SCSI Programming Interface. ASPI layer, drivers, interface & file system are synonymous. System software and applications use ASPI not only to interface with SCSI devices but with IDE/ATAPI devices when ripping & burning CDs. The ASPI protocol is primarily based on one file, wnaspi32.dll. There are other files that support wnaspi32.dll, referred to as the ASPI layer.

The Windows 95/98/Me install includes wnaspi32.dll & the ASPI layer. The 2K/XP installs do not include wnaspi32.dll nor the ASPI layer and instead use the ‘SCSI Pass Through” interface.
Unfortunately, there are more versions of the ASPI32 drivers available than you can count. Given the plethora of file versions & types, keep any proprietary versions in their program folder (e.g. FireBurner, CDRWin & Nero) and ensure that these versions, from aspi_v470.exe, are installed.


NT 4.0
ASPI32.SYS 4.70


ASPIXP.SYS (32-bit) 4.70
WNASPIXP.DLL (32-bit) 4.70
ASPI64.SYS (64-bit) 4.70.8
WNASPI64.DLL (64-bit) 4.70.8

*Win 3.1 & 95 supported by aspi_v460.exe

If you still have problems ripping or burning after installing the latest Adaptec ASPI, it’s usually due to a problem with your burner or CD-ROM drive. Try updating your drive’s firmware or check for installed programs (e.g. Easy CD) that load proprietary drivers for packet-writing software.


PaRaDoX, acknowledged VIA & XP guru, Cloneclinic Legend & CloneCD veteran, recommends only the nero wnaspi32, and copied into the system folder - no Adapatec ASPI and it will work - thanks for reminding me