Burning bin & cue files

Iā€™m trying to burn a bin & cue file(its Nero burning Rom), and I tried using CDRWIN before but it would keep giving me an error message. Im using winXP and I asked goldenhawk if the new CDRWIN beta is compatible with XP and they say it is. Is there any other alternative to burning these two files or do i have to download CDRWIN again and try doing this crap one more time? :confused:

Fireburner can handle .bin/.cue too

And Nero can do it too, perhaps using the search to find one of the many posts where it is explained in more detail.

or you can use the BlindWrite Suite which does the job very well

I got it, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

CDRWin works fine. You only need to download wnaspi32.dll from ftp.nero.com/wnaspi32.dll and put in in the CDRWin directory.

just update yer aspi layers with force aspi or compel aspi n all yer burning appz will work wit winxp :smiley:

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