Burning .bin + .cue files




I have Alcohol 120 installed a .cue file and a .bin file. How do I burn them to make a cd I can use normally?
Which mode should I use? :confused: (DAO/SAO; RAW/SAO; RAW/SAO+SUB; RAW/DAO; TAO are the ones available).

Thanks in advance for any replies.


i dont use alcohol so cant help with that , but i recommend using imgburn to burn disc images as its the best tool to get it done and easy to use,you can get it here


The .cue file hold all the required information for a burn. Open that first and it will load the .bin with all burn parameters set.


Another (free) software you can use is Burrrn :bigsmile:



Which burning mode should I use?


Additionaly I have alreadfy burned in TAO mode.

When I insert everything is ok. I had installed previously but he seems to recognize that. If I press play it just says wrong cd inserted. What should I do?


something tells me you havnt provided all of the peices in the puzzle or at least werent aware of it , its probably copy protected,scan the original cd with copy-discovery http://www.softpedia.com/get/CD-DVD-Tools/CD-DVD-Rip-Other-Tools/Copy-Discovery.shtml , also specify the model of your burner and we’ll take it from there


ask the person who has created that cue and bin files.