Burning bin/cue files with Nero

Hi, I’m trying to burn a bin/cue image with Nero.

The .bin file is about 800mb, but I checked it with winiso and the actual contents is only 700mb. But everytime I try to burn the image with Nero, it says that I need a CDR with more space! And I’m very sure I tried other cue/bin image files that were similiar to this situation and it worked perfectly.

Does anyone know what’s wrong with my compy?

have u enabled overburning?

nope, overburning’s not on

Originally posted by NetherMagic
nope, overburning’s not on

You chould enable this…

What’s the title of the CD?

it’s an image compiled by my friend and sent over to me thru ftp (he’s works in a software comp so he knows how to do those professional cd stuff, apparently)

iunno oh well i guess i wont burn it then =]

newayz thx for your help

uh, u’ve already been advised by us to turn on overburning if u haven’t already done so, which would probably solve the problem.

You wouldnt be trying to burn warez by any chance hintMidnight Clubhint as it seems that this question is popping up everywhere …

belgarath tell you the truth I’m not shure if this image my friend sent is warez or not, because I’m not very good around with the compy, but if it’s illegal by any chance, I’ll get rid of it asap

well if the image isnt what I hinted at … then u should be fine … just enable overburn and your set :slight_smile: