Burning .BIN and .CUE with DVD decryptor..Is it possible?

I am new to handling .bin and .cue file formats so would like a bit of help with burning should anyone have any to give.

I am trying to burn the files to disc o that I can play the movie on a home DVD player.

My main issues are;

  • Do I have to convert the files to a different format first or are they already DVD compatible? If so what program will do this?

  • Which file needs to be handled or converted? the .bin or the .cue?

  • Is it possible to carry out the process using DVD decryptor? I have heard the process is easy with Nero, however I don’t have that available to me.

Thanks in advance for any help given


Nope use nero burning rom and choose the record image option.

you can convert the bin file to iso with this program

then use DVDD to burn the ISO

Bin files are supported but Cue files aren’t.

If it’s in Bin file format then its a CD-R format not DVD. Probably means the movie is VCD or SVCD format. If your DVD player supports these , and most do, then just burn it to a CD.

DVD Decrypter & ImgBurn will convert the Bin format to DVD compatible format but it’ll still be a VCD/SVCD.

What do you mean cues aren’t supported?

I don’t believe that DVD Decrypter will see a Cue. Trouble is at the moment I haven’t got any Cue files to test this with.

Got you I was thinking about nero then, you had me a little confused, not hard to do mind you.

If he has nero it is just as easy to burn them using that.

Just got this quote from Lightning UK off the ImgBurn forum.
“Not only that, ImgBurn isn’t built for doing bin/cue’s. VCD/SVCDs make use of a second track that will be totally lost by using it.”[/I]

I have never used ImgBurn, before Nero I was using CDRWIN, then as I got used to Nero I stopped using it for cue/bin files.

so, which file should be burnt?

I am thinking of getting nero as that sounds the easiest way.

The cue file is the instruction file used by the burnng programme on how to burn the bin file.

So, that means you have got (from where ever…) movies in bin/cue format…
Ever burn them straight ot media or mount them and just copy the video data onto hdd or burn them away.

If you don’t know how to do this then please [B]use the original sources[/B].

You need [B] FireBurner [/B] it will burn your Bin/cue files on CD or DVD :slight_smile:

You could always use Alcohol 120 to burn. This software will burn bin/cue files on the fly to both cd and dvd

.cue files work at least with Nero (you even could download a trial from their site).
.bin files can be burnt with various tools, even Nero. It mainly depends what the .bin is, an cd or dvd mage.

this might be a matter of semantics and slightly off topic, but @macs, what do you mean by on the fly?

isn’t it impossible to burn bin/cue files that are already on your computer “on the fly” ???

Yeah, reasonsnotrules, I was wondering too…

On the fly conversion of format from CD-R to DVD I would imagine.

VCD Easy is a decent burner of VCD/SVCD Bin/Cue files & there’s a free version on www.doom9.org.

Thats right and also on the fly means that if you have a cd or dvd reader it will also burn a copy whilest reading the original

this is how I’ve always heard on the fly used and it didn’t apply to this situation which was why I asked…