Burning BD-R ISO



When I backup a Blu-Ray disc, I usually store them on my computer in ISO format before burning.

I used to do this with DVDs, because I could burn the ISO image in Nero CD Speed and view the burn graph in real-time.

Now CD Speed is a thing of the past, so I use IMGBurn. Is there any way to view the status in graph format? I see some users post graphs in this forum from Opti Drive Control, but I’m not sure how they got those.

The only way I can make a graph like that, is to create a test disc in ODC, but that’s an instant coaster, which is no good for expensive BD-R.

Thoughts, ideas, suggestions?


You can view a graph of the burn/verify speed by installing an application that supports the ImgBurn “IBG” file-type. One of these is the free BurnPlot plugin, that can be downloaded from the official ImgBurn download page.

You may also have to set the right default viewer for graph data in ImgBurn settings.

There’s a small icon/button in ImgBurn that you can click to display the graph after burning.