Burning Backed Up Xbox 360 Images

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This has been posted before, but there is no definitive guide, and i would like this post to be the one, and hopefully get stickied, i have searched and searched, this is my last resort!

Pioneer 111D Firmware 1.29 (Latest)

Making an image of an already working xbox 360 game on a RiDisc (game works perfectly) using CloneCD, Backup creates without any problems.

Presented with loads of “image.000 .001 .002” etc files and an “image.dvd”

I Insert my blank, open CloneCD - Write Image - choose the image.dvd file and this burns ok.

Place the burned disc into an Xbox 360 and get the error the Disc is either Unreadable or Cant Play.

I have absolutely no idea why its doing this, if i download a game and burn that it works fine, but i cant image a game and burn it back.

Pioneer drives booktype to DVD Rom automatically, so its not that.
Im using Clone CD which is reliable and fully registered.

I am absolutely out of ideas, any help from you guys is appreciated.


Have a look at this thread http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=198175
and do you’ve tried it with Verbatim media?

Yes i did try verbatim, and funny enough that worked first time on the same image that did not work on a RiDisc.

I just cant understand how it could be the discs if everytime i download a game and burn the .dvd it works … but if i image a working backed up game, and burn it back to a blank, that fails everytime, with disc is unreadable.

you have already answered your own question more than once :iagree:

why on earth would you want to rip an image from a created backup ??? all the work as already been done :doh:
[B]open clonecd select write cd if you have two drives select on the fly !!! and burn it[/B] dont forget to slow the speed too :eek: :eek:

some folks have succcess with different types of media the reason to this is you have to find what works best for you and your setup :slight_smile:

Knock i was hoping i would get you to reply to this, you seem to be the one with the most knowledge surrounding backups.

Ill word things differently so its easier to understand.

If i do a copy like this it doesnt work …

Backed Up Xbox 360 Game > Image Using Clone CD > Burn Using Clone CD

If i do a game like this … it usually works although ive had some failures …

Download Game > Extract > Burn .dvd File > Game Usually Works

What i dont understand is how im burning some games to these RiDiscs fine and others not, im going to purchase some verbatims tomorrow, and hopefully if i get straight burns on them i know what it is … damn annoying as they are so expensive here in the U.K!

ok i think im with you now please be patient with me , you cannot read the image of a 360 game with clonecd and make it a working file from an original game .

how am i doing :bigsmile:

i hear you they are way exspensive specially verbs but they are of highest quality :iagree: what writers are you using ? just the one(111d) or two another brand?

Downloading games for the Xbox 360 doesn’t sound exactly legal & therefore discussion of this really has no place on this forum surely.

Indeed it doesn’t.