Burning back up blu ray

i have a couple of blu ray movies that have been ripped and put to dual layer disc
the picture quality is blu ray but its only the film. no menus extras etc
just out of curiosity i put the disc in my pc drive to see if it would recognize it , and it did
i then used img burn and created an image from it.
now if i get a dual layer disc and write the image to the disc , using img burn, will it work in my blu ray player
ive never used dual layer before,
out of all the back up blu ray (dual lay discs) ive used only verbatum discs seem to work.
one last question, when using the dual layer blu ray films in my panasonic bd35 player, i cant skip or fast forward. if i do the disc freezes and then goes back to the beginning. my mate said in the ps3 he does not have that problem