Burning AVIs to DVD with menu



ive been trying to burn some of my AVIs on DVD so that i can watch them on a DVD player. Ive been reading the forums and i got the idea of using DivxtoDVD which i have used but i dont know how to do it with menus. When i do it i get one big file that runs really wierd =/

If anyone knows a good way to get multiple AVIs onto a DVD with a menu that would be awesome :slight_smile:



You might want to try Nero Express or Ulead Movie Factory. Both do good jobs of converting avi’s to DVD. Both have many options for menus, transitions, etc.

Both will burn standard and double layer DVD’s.

There are plenty more out there but I’ve had good luck with these two…


Nero has worked pretty good for me. The menus are a little cheessy but considering how east it is to use?


for adding menu`s sceen select ect, you cant beat dvdlab.

you can get a 1 month trial here


Ok so i have Nero Express but i dont really know how to get to adding menus and stuff, and im just not really sure oh where and how to start. Is there a tutorial that you know of that can show me how? Or maybe a you can point me in the right direction


I have used Nero Express and it worked fine and I am a newbie to this kinda stuff. It is easy to use.


what you require is a dvd authoring app. NeroVision Express NOT Nero Express will do the job for you. choose Make DvD Video option


Svcd2Dvd will do what you want, but it converts the avis to dvd format first. The menus are for the most part really simple but it gets the job done. i use it mainly for putting multiple vcds on 1 dvd (the most i’ve fit is 6) and its really fast (45 mins on a 2.5 p4) it doesnt convert the mpg it converts the audio and patches the mpg to dvd resolution. I like it so much i bought it. if you want to try it:http://www.svcd2dvdmpg.com/