Burning AVI's to DVD using Nero

I have several eposides of Heros and would like to take the AVI’s using Nero 7, what is the step by step process as I seem to screw this up every time. I dont seem to have the plugins to be able to burn other formats in vision. Please advise.

Thanks Dacoz

if u want to get in dvd use WinAVI video converter then on nero 7, go to nero express and make dvd (not data dvd) and find the files you converted…then burn em…

if not tell me what u want to convert

start, all programs, nero7 premium, photo and video, nerovision, make dvd, dvd video, close hint, add video files, surf to your avi, double click the avi that you have surfed to, click next at bottom, close hint, keep clicking close and next (you can experiment with different buttons and backgrounds - ie see the check key under the menu picture. You will get to screen showing a remote - if you use it, you will play your video as on a dvd player. Click next, close, burn to dvd (blank inserted in your burner) or to a disk file and then click write – wait approx 3 hours. You will get a dvd file with all the vobs needed to play in an ordinary dvd player.