Burning Avi's Mpg's,Divx so DVD player will see the CD



I am trying to figure out my Nero 6 Suite. I filled up a few dvd’s full of mp3’s only to find my DVD player wouldn’t read the disc. I then used the proper BURN MP3 Disc button and copied the same mp3’s with DVD player compatability.

Now I am having a similar problem with avi’s mpg’s, divx that are stored on my hard disc. I want to put them on portable media so I can rebuild my system ect., and also so I can view them on my larger TV screen from time to time.

My DVD player says it can read these files but it won’t even recognize the disc muchless play the files.

I don’t want to convert the files into DVD format (why my high quality files of medium quality compressions?), but that is the closest choice on the Nero menu to what I want to do. At any rate it freezes up when I try it.

I simply want to burn these files in a format that my DVD player will accept so a Menu of avi,mpg,divx,mp3 files will come up like as with the mp3’s I finally figured out.

Yea the DVD Players say they read mp3’s and avi’s ect but they don’t tell you that they won’t read thethe disc they are on without some mumbo jumb program telling the players hey it’s ok. Look here.

Should I burn avi’s and mpg’s with the same settings as if I was burning an mp3 file dvd disc?

I realize this is probably a dumb question and I’m pretty good in other areas of computer savvy but a newb to burning video media in a DVD compatable way. I can burn them simply as Data files and you’d think that if a Player says it can play Avi’s ect that would be good enough. I guess not. What do I need to do.

Anxiously awaiting a savior.



try nero recode, it should organise your files into dvd editable format

If you must convert your avi’s convert them to mpeg’s preferably mpeg 2 as it is basically what a dvd is made to play. After you convert it the extension should be .mpg so don’t worry about it.

You could also (if you haven’t) burn “dvd-video” under nero burning rom.

I have been in your position before, I sympathise for you. In the end you’ll probably convert them to mpgs get a dvd editor and recompile everything (thats what I"m doing now after being stuck on the same problem for the past few days and no body being able to help me on these forums… what a drag).


…Nope, that’s not what happens. Either you don’t know how to just burn data files in Nero, or… Nope, that’s really all I can think of.

What kind of DVD player have you got?


Well, I am pretty sure I know how to burn just data cd’s because I have done a bunch of them (including movies) that I can read/play in other computers.

As far as the mp3’s for instance, if I burn them simply as data and not as "burn mp3 disk) under burn selections then my dvd player will not see them. When I do burn them under Nero’s "burn Mp3 disk selection the same data miraculously becomes compatable with my dvd.
This is why I say there has got to be some mumbo jumbo needed for the dvd to look at them. Perhaps a different lead in lead out that dvd’s like.

Unfortunatly I can find no Nero menu choice to give me a dvd friendly data disk for avi’s and mpg’s because it won’t let me put them in a dvd mp3 disk (file type error when I try to add them), and I don’t see any selection for “Burn other vid files disk” They want you to convert and I would prefer not to since most high end late model dvd players say they can read the files as they are.

My DVD is an Panasonic S27 but my nieghbors is even newer and better and he plays mp3’s svcd’s avi’s ect with no problems. He can’t read my data disks either until he puts them in his wives Laptop.



But, what I hope you can understand here is, there is no different thing it does to make an “mp3 disc”. So you probably are getting something wrong with burning a data CD. You’re finalizing the disc and everything, right?

Also, I took a quick look at your player at VideoHelp, and it only seems to be able to play mp3s off of CDs, cannot play AVIs at all, and cannot play MPGs off a data CD. What told you it could? Looks like the best hope for this player you have is playing a disc of mp3s.


As far as the mp3’s for instance, if I burn them simply as data and not as "burn mp3 disk) under burn selections then my dvd player will not see them. When I do burn them under Nero’s "burn Mp3 disk selection the same data miraculously becomes compatable with my dvd.

nero is probably converting the mp3s into a regular audio file. I would check the disc in the cpu and see what type of file it is. If you want to burn the movies clips and play them in your dvd player you will have to convert them to a compatible format, unless you have a dvd player that plays divx. My dvd doesnt play divx, but it will play mpgs burned as a data disc. I know how you feel as far as not wanting to play the movies on the cpu, but without buying another dvd player you’re probably going to have to convert the files. if you want a simple program to convert to dvd use vsodivxtodvd It will convert mpgs and avis to dvd in 2 clicks. There is a pay version and a free version, but the free version works just fine. Will you have a menu? No. Can you put more than one movie on a disc? Yes. Again, i understand you may not want to go through the process of converting because it can be a time consuming process, but that may be your only choice with the exception of buying a dvd player that plays divx. I’ve read good things about the Philips dvp 642 being able to play most files. The price has since dropped to $60 at most places.


Thanks to TehGrue and Sikoone and Chilly Pacman. some of my problem as pointed out by Tehgrue is that I remembered what my DVD was compatable when I bought it wrong.
It only plays DVD’s and Mp3’s as he said. As far as my neighbors machine he just might be wrong or exagerating. He’s not the must technically capable guy I know by a longshot and I think we are mixing apples with oranges here.

I am sure it’s operator error on my part and I was really getting frustrated last night. I just need to convert the files or buy the right player I guess. My main concern is just to back the files up and I know I can do that. Also I want to make a few DVD friendly files for my friend and those I guess I will have to convert. I’ll try the recommended http://www.vso-software.fr/divxtodvd/divxtodvd.htm .

Sorry to waste your guy’s time but you really did help . I am going to try a few things and most likely will return with a few questions in a few days.