Burning avis and mpgs to DVD (not vcd)

I have just recently purchased a pioneer dv105 DVD Re-writer and am trying to burn avi files / mpg files to dvd for viewing on a dvd player…

I’ve tried using Nero and CloneDVD but all I can get is the option of converting to vcd, and then it rejects the blank dvd-r and asks for a cd-r.

Please can anyone advise on how to convert above mentioned files to a dvd…

Thanks in advance

Ghost of 1980

This might be a version issue.

  • Try to create a new project (no wizard)
  • Select from the combo on left top DVD instead of CD (default)
  • Now you should be able to set all data for DVD.


I thought you had to convert the files to make them dvd compatable anyway? or (Re-Encode)