Burning .AVI with DVDFab



I was using my digital camera to take some videos for my family, and I want to put them on a DVD so my family and I can watch them on our DVD Player, but I don’t know how to burn .avi files with DVDFab, if it can be done, would someone please be kind enough to explain how? If its not possible, does anybody know of a program that will burn .avi files with a playback so they will play in any conventional DVD player??


Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

My program of choice for converting .avi -> DVD is ConvertXtoDVD - but it’s not free. DVDFab won’t do it, to my knowledge.

I know there are free options available, hopefully someone will post them. If you have a version of Nero installed, I believe NeroVision will do the task as well :slight_smile:

Edit: However…if you or your family own standalone DVD players which support playback of .avi files, you may just be able to burn them to disc as is.