BUrning .AVi to DVD

ok so i just purchased a HP DVD writer and i have a bunch of movies that ive downloaded and i want to burn them to a DVD, so i can watch them on my DVD player.

All of the movies are .AVI files and i believe you have to convert them to mpeg 2 or VOB, so the first thing i did was i converted an episode from Seinfield from .AVI to VOB (I used Magic Video Converter 8 ) then i used NERO 7 (FULL)to burn it, used nero vision i added the VOB file and clicked burn and it came out perfect. but then i tried to do the same thing with larger files like the movie Top Secret which is close to 4.3gb and i did the same process but my DVD wont read it and it says it doesnt match my DVD settings, i tried this with 3 different movies and my DVD player wotn play them, Any Idea why?

or is there a good tutorial u guys can post for me to learn how to do it the proper way :slight_smile:

any help is greatly appreciate it guys.

thanx in advance :bigsmile:

I’m afraid you need to read the rules again that you signed up to. We cannot give help with commercially available movies that you have acquired from illegal sources.

The rules are here:


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