Burning avi to dvd

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Do you want to burn your AVI files to DVD? Download ConvertXtoDVD, this software converts your AVI files to the DVD format and then let’s you burn the files to a DVD recordable.

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I’ve got a movie in avi. and wan’t to burn it to a DVD to play on my DVD player.
How would I go about doing this?

BTW I don’t want to use nero, I know it’s easy as it encodes the video etc etc but for some reason it doesn’t like me (or my dvd/rw drive).
I’ve tried using video converter to convert the AVI to a VOB file. But what do I do with that now. Thanks :smiley:

If you don’t want to use nero, then it is necessary a two step approach.

  1. Convert avi to mpeg-2
  2. Reauthor mpeg-2 file in vob (aka video dvd).

For step 1 you can use TMPGEnc. For step 2 TMPGEnc DVD Author.

You may have a try on winavi which can convert avi to dvd format, and then burn it!

Just tried WinAVI and the piece of crap inserted a watermark dead center throughout the entire movie, without ever giving any kind of warning that it would do so.

Thanks a lot for the coaster zjmedia.

i’ll assume this was with the trial version, which is specifically stated on their website:

During this evaluation period, the software has full functional. except some limitations.

Try DVDSanta, very reliable, producing good quality, but not a freeware.

Try VSO DivXToDVD. There used to be a free version available on the website, but now it’s only a trial that’s free; it inserts a watermark and is slower than the full version. The last official free version was 0.5.0 so perhaps you can locate it somewhere.