Burning avi. to DVD+R as VCD files?



Hey folks. First of all apologies if this has been covered before. I am as new as you can get to burning video files and searching previous posts has only highlighted how little I know instead of answering my questions.

I have a number of avi (20 odd) video files roughly 360M each. I am trying to find the simplest and most efficient way of viewing them on a normal DVD player.

Ideally, I would like to convert them to VCD compatible files and then burn onto a DVD+R. I’m hoping that this would allow me to fit 10-12 episodes onto each disc, instead of just 1-2 on a CD-R.

However I’m not sure if
a)This is even possible
b)I would be able to view the finished product on a basic DVD player
c)How to go about doing it

I’ve spent many a time trying different appls (avi2dvd, VCDEasy among others) and have had no luck.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



There’s a tool called Avi to VCD/DVD.
Do you tried this already?
You could get a demo version of it.


may i suggest that if your files are high quality (if they are what i think they are), then converting them to vcd would reduce the quality, converting them to svcd would make more sense, however obviously that would mean much larger files and not all dvd players can play svcd’s, especially old ones. the only other option (apart from keeping them as avi’s), it to convert them to dvd file (use divxtodvd, i believe its still free) and burn them to dvds, this way you ensure that all dvd players will read them while retaining the high quality of the files, the only draw back is of course is you will have to have quite a few dvds no doubt.


I use vsoDivxtoDvd to convert avis to dvd. Right now its free, and its super easy. You may not be able to fit as many clips on one dvd as you like, depending on the length of the clip.