Burning AVI to an DVD disk



Hi guys, im new in this forum, and i hope i will get the help i need for my question. I’ve wanted to burn AVI files to an DVD disk a long time now, f ex. The O.C ca: 350mb, idont now how many episodes i can make on the disk (4.7gb as usually ). i already have Nero v. And a friend told me long time ago that you could burn it to the disk with a program through nero. If anyone know any other program or that i meant, please give me your opinion so i can solve this problem. :slight_smile:


You will have to use Nero Vision to author the DVD through Nero. That program will convert your AVI files to the required MPEG-2 format with 2-channel Dolby Digital stereo sound (unless you want to use PCM stereo, which will eat up more disk space). In the default mode, about 2 hours of video will fit onto a 4.7GB single-layer DVD disc.


Hi Andreas sva and Welcome to CDF.

Here is the help file for Nero Vision which should get you started and make sure you use quality media such as Verbatim.