Burning AVI files

I have a “Lite-On DVDRW LDW411S” DVD Burner and “Nero6”. I’m trying to burn some AVI files using “SonyDVD-R’s”. I’m burning them as DVDRom (ISO) (maybe that’s the problem?) Anyway sometimes it works, usually it doesn’t. It will burn OK for a while then a box comes up “Burn Process Failed”, I’m wasting too many DVD’s. I will only be playing these on my computer so I don’t need anything fancy, I just need to get them off my Hard Drive. They Burn to CDR’s no problem.

I realize I probably need to provide more information in order for anyone to help me, please just ask. I’m pretty new to this, but please bear with me.

Thank You

I posted this in the Newbies forum, I guess that’s OK? It would end up here anyway.

Possibly a buffer underrun problem. Do a test burn and watch the buffer fill level bars. If at any point during the middle of the burn they go to zero, you need to free up more RAM and close any unnecessary programs while you burn. Alternatively, try burning at a slower speed (though I wouldn’t recommend doing so for DVDs).

While I agree with btspm, another suggestion as well. Spend the extra money and buy a few dvd-/+rw’s to cut your teethe on. If you hose the disk on a failed burn, you can format it and try again. More expensive up front, but if your burning coasters pretty regular, they will pay for themselves quick.

I’ve been burning AVI’s on DVD-R/+R for awhile and can tell you there is no substitute for good quality media. I think this is your problem.

Well I tried rebooting, turning off all my programs and burning some more. The first two went without a problem. The last one failed at 99%, but only the last file was messed up the rest were fine. Certainly an improvement. Would installing more Memory help any?

What do you suggest?

Installing a bit more memory would help if you have less than say 256MB. Before shelling out more money, try messing around with Nero’s settings. Look for a buffer size option and try increasing it to force Nero to use more of your RAM.

We could probably more helpful to you if we knew more about your rig. As btspm stated, more ram may help alot, but not always the first thing to try…:slight_smile:

useful tidbits would include cpu type and speed, how much current ram, what os, free drive space as well, if you have an 80 gig hard drive with 78 gig of stuff on it…um may be a problem… :eek:

1.1GHz AMD Athlon
20GB Int.HD (about half full)
40GB Int.HD
120GB Ext.HD
256MB RAM (I’m supposed to have 512MB, but it only shows 256 installed)
Samsung CDRW/DVD

Probably more than you needed to know :iagree:

you have 512 installed but the box only sees 256

thats an issue you need to fix if ram is installed and not working

256 is cutting it slim but enough no prob…stand alone…what drive you pulling off…one of the interals I hope, unless that external is firewire and not usb…:slight_smile:

Yeah, the 20Gig Int., the other two I installed myself and are pretty much just used for Music and to store personal files ect. Nero is installed on the original drive and I always move the files to that drive before trying to burn them.

Sounds to me like your running one of those overhyped “memory double programs”. Personally I have no faith in those things. now if by virtual memory, and please forgive me, I’m not real techie about Winme, Windows is talking about swapfile space…the numbers seem about right.

Sounds to me like you either only have 256 meg installed, and your using a 3rd party software to trick the machine, or you have a bad stick…

Or…this just came to me, is the video on that machine a stand alone card or is it on the main board using “shared memory”? :eek:

I just wanted to thank everyone for all the helpful suggestions. I uninstalled the Burner. Rebooted and let Windows reinstall it, updated the firmware, and tried again. So far so good (probably jinxed myself by saying that :eek: )

I did have one question:

How do I find out?

Easiest way is to open the case, if you see a video card installed in one of the slots, ie the card your video cable is plugged into, then you have a stand alone card. If you see the the connector that you plug your moniter into is soldered onto the main board ( ie, no card ) then my friend, you have intergrated video, and probably shared memory.

This by itself is not evil, I’m just not a fan of it. if you have it, you’ll want to check your bios, in intergrated periphrials, and see how much of your physical ram you are giving to the onboard video. This “may” explain where your mystery 256 meg of ram is, I’d bump it down to something realistic like 32-64 meg of ram. I’d also consider investing in a decent agp stand alone video card when you can afford it…:slight_smile:

Hi i have just joined this forum and i have to say that you can forget nero. i have had 3 different PCs (vista, xp, xp pro) and have tried nero 6 on all of them (yes also with the updates for xp). I have also tried to burn AVI to dvd. The end result is always the same - a wasted dvd (usually TDK-R but also maxell which i think are good quality dvds) . I am calculating on about 70 wasted DVDs in total ,maybe we should try and bill nero-i dont know. All i know is that when you get Nero free with a new computer there is a reason…its crap
anyway thats my say
(an extremely dissatisfied Nero customer)

ps please someone tell me that it is not possible to burn AVI to DVD-if that is true them we do have a miracle because i have occaisionally achieved the impossible with Nero and got it to play on my oppo 981HD

The thread you’re replying is over 4 1/2 years old. A lot has changed since then.

please update me then!!!

still cant burn avi files to dvd easily

Update… Get rid of the TDKs, use [B]reliable[/B] media (i.e Verbatims,TYs), and burn at slower speeds…Oh, and use Imgburn…Good luck!
BTW, are you burning as avi, or [I]converting[/I] to DVD?


[QUOTE=timit;2233400]still cant burn avi files to dvd easily[/QUOTE]

Its easier to buy the originals…