Burning AVI files

I have a DVD player that plays avi files thru divx. I burn the files to dvd using the divx program everything works great. BUT, is there any way to burn the disc so that i can create a custom menu when i put the dvd in my player instead of just showing the file names? ive tried can figure it out. i dont want to convert them, just burn as avi so i can get whole seasons of shows on 1 cd. what programs can i use to burn in this format with a menu?

Get the trial of DivxAuthor. http://www.divx.com/en/products/software/windows/author See if it will do what you want.

The other alternative is one of the programs from Pegasys. I think they’ve stopped selling TMPGenc Author 3, but whatever has taken its place should allow Divx authoring.

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