Burning avi files using Nero 6 ultra edition

newb here on the boards, any nero 6 ultra edition users that know how to burn avi files onto a dvd? i use bitcomet to download movies with the intention of burning dvd movies to be played on my ps2, dvd player, etc. i’ve been trying to find how to do this and all i can figure out is to convert the avi files to video_ts/audio_ts files to burn. even with this process, is there a good converter online that i can download to do this? please give me all the options, my only other alternative is to continue using roxio dvd creator 6, which, while effective, is very slow and outdated. sometimes it doesn’t work because it claims that my 700-900mb movie is larger than 4.7gb and won’t fit on a standard dvd-r. anyone know? thanks!

As you’ve got Nero 6 I assume that you got NeroVision included with it. This will do a decent job.

Other options for you are ConvertXtoDVD and WinAVI.

Converting avi to DVD video does take time regardless of what application you use.

I think your only alternatiove is to buy these movies instead of downloading them… even more because of your nickname which makes it obvious. :cop: