Burning avi files, do you get better burns if you have their codecs?

Hello everyone,

I have been burning for quite a long time and I have never come across this question, however I have just had someone insure me that to do a good burn to make a data DVD (not video DVD) containing AVI files, you have to have the AVI codecs installed or at least you program must have them.

I find this strange and have never encountered any problems due to this, I have already burnt quit a few avi files without having the codec installed… and without any rereading problems.

Does nero or any other burning software use the codecs to check for errors while burning? How do burning programs check for errors while burning?

Also he claims that nero is not a good burning tool, and that it doesn’t do a good job with UDF discs and that the system it uses is not reliable du to something called something like “Aspis layer”

Any information about this would be nice too as so far I have always sworn by nero, but I used to do the same for norton until I realised how bad it was … !

I think you should carry on with the way you were doing it.

Nero or any other burning app will treat a data CD/DVD as just that and copy the files over as they are without any checks.

Nero is a fine product generally but can be a bit bloated & there are many free apps that’ll do the job just as well. But if you’ve got it & it’s working well then there’s no real need to change.

Hi thanks for the answer !
I’m not actually thinking about changing software as I now use k3b on linux but actually making sure that my friend is wrong. Can anyone else confirm that a bad burn of avi files on a data dvd can have nothing to do with not having the codecs of the file installed on the PC?

Thanks in advance !