Burning audiodisc

I got a trouble when I burned an CD audiodisc. I burned them from FLAC files, the trouble was that I got some blank parts of the disc. I think it is because the FLAC file was incomplete , not 100% because my torrentprogram utorrent got some problems earlier. And closed down(I think it was this that happened make the files to lost some data, but the utorrent said that all torrents was 100% when i restarted)
Now I wonder of this can have cause some damage to my CD/DVD burner (To the opticals/optics etc) The burner still works to burns discs with so it maybe doesnt matter ?

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Writing a disc with nonsense data will not damage the drive, but it will create an useless disc :slight_smile:

So don’t worry about the drive :bigsmile:

Okay thanks. So it is no errors on the discs (CD DVD) I burned afterwards?
Was just a little worried about using the discs in my DVD reader in my computer ormy audio CD player

If a disc contains some nonsense data, the only thing that can happen is that the drive (or the player) will be not able to read the disc.

For example, if you insert a DVD into a CD player, the drive simply will be not able to recognize the disc, reporting an error message on the display (something like “illegal disc”).

This will not cause any damage to the drive :slight_smile:

Ok the disc was possible to play until, it came to the part with the error (no data burned) it just got quiet. So the disc was readable until that part of the disc