Burning Audiobooks to CD



I’ve downloaded an Audio book of 234,400KB in MP3 format to my hard drive and I want to burn it to CD’s so I can listen to it from my car. How do I break the 234,400KB into 80 minute segments to fit onto a CD? Is there a formula that will convert a minute of audio into a number of bytes? Does this problem require special software? Nirvana is having the capability to divide the 234,400KB into 80 minute segments that ended with a chapter or sentence from the book. Thanks


Is your car cd player able to play mp3’s? If so you can extract the image you have to your hard drive then you can put each cd as a folder and then add the mp3 contents. I have been able to rip a 16 cd audio book to mp3 and put it all on 1 cd as I outlined above. Hope this helps


Hi BOATMAN10 and Welcome to CDF:

I have two answers for you. The first answer assumes you need to break the program into segments. The second says “just burn as a data disc”.

[B]First Answer:[/B]

I use Nero 7 Ultra which contains a Wave Editor. There is a 27 day trial period. If you only have this project, Nero will work. I’m sure there are freeware downloads of just wave editors but I’m not familiar with any.

Whatever program you use, open the full MP3 File and copy paste the sections you need into new files.

[B]Second Answer:[/B]

As goatroper asked, are you able to play MP3 in your car?

When you set up your burn, select DATA disc as your burning option. That will preserve your MP3 format and you should be able to listen to approximately 7 hours of audio on your CD. You’re probably thinking you can only get 80 minutes but that’s if the disc is burned as an AUDIO CD.

If you burn as a Data CD, you may still want to break the single file into smaller segments so you can advance to different tracks. If so, see answer one. Also note that Wave Editors have timelines so you don’t need a formula. You can see the actual time of a recording from the start to the end.

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