Burning audio with Nero gives clicks between tracks

I’m new here, so please forgive me if the following question has been encountered and answered in the past. Here goes …

I use Nero 6.1 (just now updated to 6.6) to burn compilation CDs. Upon playing a newly-completed disc, I have found on more than one occasion that there are annoying – wholly maddening, to be truthful – audible “clicks” between the tracks. Playback is fine until the segue between tracks, then “click.”

The Nero manual quite naturally does not address this issue.

Anyone else come across the same problem and, if so, were you able to fix it? Any suggestions as to a remedy, or even a superior burning program, will be greatly appreciated.



You do not say - but appears that you are trying to burn audio tracks-eh?

Suggest trying the freeware program EAC - you can download it at: www.exactaudiocopy.de

Also use only premium CD-R’s like Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim - the media [I]does[/I] determine the quality - and burn at 16x for best compatability with all cd players-eh!


Definitely audio files. Thanks for the advice. I’m trying EAC, but it appears that I can’t use it to create CDs of AAC (iTunes) files. Any advice on conversion of files from iTunes to WAV or MP3, or am I just dreaming at that point? Thanks again.

Burn using Burrrn.

Thanks for the suggestion, Chef. I’m looking at options other than Nero, as I uninstalled it today. Fed up. I’ll never use it again.

I think it’s actually okay for file compilations, but I never us it for CDDA and DL burning.

You can get these clicks if a CD has been ripped to .mp3, and those files burnt back as an audio CD.
(Used to happen quite often in the days of Audiogalaxy.)


Thanks to all for suggestions. I downloaded Exact Audio Copy and, once I figured out how to use the program, it solved all the negative issues I encountered with Nero. You all saved me from pulling my hair out. Cheers!



Glad to hear of your successes-eh!