Burning audio portion of encrypted DVD on to cd running 64 bit windows 7



I am trying to burn just the audio files of encrypted DVD to CD


There are a few methods that can be used…



You’ll need a decrypter that can select just the audio stream. DVDDecrypter in IFO mode can do this, however, if the movie has an advanced protection scheme that has come out since development on DVDDecrypter stopped, you’ll need to run AnyDVD in the background to break the encryption.

Insert the dvd into your dvd drive. Start DVDDecrypter. Set it to IFO mode. Click on the Stream Processing tab and put a check mark in the little box for Enable Stream Processing. You should see a list of video, audio and subtitle streams in the movie, with check marks in the boxes next to them. Remove the check marks on everything except the audio stream you want to keep. It is probably going to be an AC3 stream. Now start the ripping process by clicking on the disk to hard drive icon at the bottom left.

The result you will get from this will be a Video_TS folder containing an IFO file and a Vob file. The vob file will be your audio stream, and you can safely rename it with an ac3 extension (if it was ac3 originally). Once renamed with the ac3 extension, you should be able to work with it in any audio program that recognizes ac3 files.

Now, you don’t say exactly what format you want on the end result, just that you want it on a cd. Do you want an audio-cd that will play on any cd player, or are you just saving it as data to play on the computer? Saving as data is easy…just burn it to the cd.

If you want to go to audio-cd format, you’ll need something that can convert ac3…but it may wind up being too large to play as a cd.


Once ripped you can use Audacity and import the AC3’s or VOBs directly and convert to wav…There’s also Format Factory, Super, as well as others…
Here’s an older guide using DVDD…I just substitute GW with Audacity…


Just to test it, I downloaded Format Factory and got [B]two[/B] trojan warnings from my anti-virus program. I let it clean the infected files, and FF would not complete an ac3 to wav conversion after that.

And getting multichannel wav output from ac3 in Audacity is not straightforward. You have to change the default export setting in Preferences.


AVI DeMux can also open the decrypted VOBs and you can save the audio out.


@Kerry56 ,I have Format Factory v 2.20 . I’m not sure if it’s the latest one.None of my anti-virus 0r anti-malware software has found any trojans in it .I got the download at the Format Factory site.
On Audacity I can’t remember but I don’t think it did .ac3 to well but I need to test again.I think I read it here at CDF but the opinion of that post was there are no true .wav’s that are more than two channels.Is that now outdated information ?
I use AnyDVD so encrypted .vobs aren’t a problem but I will try AVI Demux to see how it does.
IMO BeSweet does the best sounding .vob to .wav .


Microsoft Security Essentials shows TrojanClicker: Win32/Yabector.B in the zip file from Format Factory. It is version 2.20

The second hit was probably a repeat, once I unzipped the file.

Got me about the 6 channels in a wav. Audio is [B]not[/B] my thing. I know I was able to export it in Audacity that way once I changed the default settings.


@Kerry56 , I don’t have Microsoft Security Essentials.
I still had the FFSetup220.exe installer file.So first I checked it with the 3 programs I have on my OS that will do individual file tests.
AVG Free , Malware Bytes Anti Malware , & Spybot S&D .
None of them found anything.
I tried to find one of the online scanning sites to doublecheck but the files size of the FFSetup220.exe was larger than any of them allowed.
I went to the Format Factory site:
I then downloaded Format Factory again. I checked both the zip & the extracted FFSetup220.exe . As above & they checked clean.
I didn’t use the main site download but used the " Local site" .This is what I have always done. Maybe that is the difference.
I don’t have time today but I will do a Kaspersky online scan & see if it finds anything.
I think Microsoft Security Essentials probably found a false positive.


I was curious so I ran some of the online scanners to see what they would find.
I guess I will start with :
Microsofts OneCare live Scanner which I would guess is Microsoft Security Essentials .
It did find TrojanClicker:Win32/Yabector.B but did not say where or what file it found it in. So for now I didn’t remove it or let the OneCare live Scanner remove it.
Panda Active scan 2.0 found a registry entry HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\vbRad.TrayIcon
This is related to DVDFlick if removed DVDFlick no longer starts.For now I’m treating is as a false positive.
Kaspersky found one in Java cache.I did remove it.
ESET NOD32 found a couple of installer .exe’s but not Format Factory.It removed them without asking. Fortunately I have backup copies elsewhere. Since I beleive these are false positivies as well.
Bit Defender C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Local\Xenocode\ApplianceCaches\APPNAME%.EXE_v16B43B82\Native\STUBEXE@PROGRAMFILES@\BadgerI]VOB2MPG v3\ffmpeg.exe Infected with: Backdoor.Generic.253484 . I consider this also a false positive.
TrendMicro found 29000 infected files but gave the "Not Responding "window when I tried to check what files.It also took 10 1/2 hours to run, So it didn’t get a second chance.,I doubt the others missed so many infections or that my computer which seems to run OK is infected to such a degree.

Some of the false positives found by the various online scanners. I think are toolbars in the installer.exes that had an option to not install.
I also find it interesting that none of these found the same malwares or virsus.Though I didn’t put the installer.exes back in yet that ESET NOD32 removed before I ran BitDefender or TrendMicro.
I beleive FormatFactory is safe just like I beleive DVDFlick & VOB2MPG v3 are safe.