Burning audio CD's

I have had some recent troubles when backing up audio cd’s with nero.
When the used buffer runs down towards the end of the burning process it stops at about 3% and then it says the burn process failed.
When i tried burning the same audio cd, but this time did not enter any text in the boxes which allow you to enter artist info it seemed to burn fine.
Is there a logical reason to this? Also in the log burn file, in the part for aspi drivers, it sayd that my pc aspi driver could not be found but nero one could.
Is this ok?


I enter the text on my audio cd’s without any problem. Not sure what your problem could be. Nero uses it’s own aspi drivers so that part is ok. What version of nero are you using ?

I use nero express 6, sometimes it fails and sometimes it doesnt. but it’s strange when i tried burning without writing any text it worked

I use nero rom 6 but that shouldn’ make any difference. IIRC I did have some problems with an earlier version of nero.

Finch05, does your drive support CD-Text?