Burning audio CD's with NERO

I have installed a Lite-On 40125s with Nero 5.5.8.? it is burning data discs without a hitch. But throw in a audio disc and ask it to copy it, it creates the image file (awfully slowly) gets to about 30% of the burn & decides it can’t read the image. This is actual burning or simulating. Have tried numerous audio cd’s, with no change.
Any ideas greatly appreciated guys…


Are you copying from a CD-ROM, or using the burner to read the audio disc? Are you burning in Audio CD mode or CD-Copy?

Explain in detail the devices, procedure, and Nero settings you are using.

To copy audio CDs, especially if they are scratched, you should rip them to wav first. Then Listen to the wavs to see if they are OK, then burn them.

EAC (http://www.exactaudiocopy.de) checks the CD and the wavs for you, if you configure it in “secure mode”.
It even tries to correct bad readings. It can also burn your CD, if it supports your burner.

Win 98 se
Nero 5.5.8 (will upgrade tonight, see if it helps).
Lite-On 32123s o/c 40125s.

Default settings in nero, swap the burner with a 48125w suddenly it comes down with the same problem. They both work in my P4 so I’m pretty sure it’s not the burner. I’m thinking a mix of Win98,(not canning it, still more stable than most other Windoze platfoms) Via chipset drivers or Nero.
Might try a reinstall, it seems to be the quickest way around these problems… (Couldn’t have happened to a worse customer)…



hen you burn your datadisc’s do you use an image?
It could be that there are bad sectors on your hd and when the image of the cd is stored with a couple of bad sectors nero can simply not read the image

had thought about the drive, it’s only 3 months old but that doesn’t mean shit these days. No, no bad sectors.
All cd’s are done to the drive then to CD. Don’t like using on the fly. Tried different media,but I’ve been using Ricoh media for months without a hiccup in winXP. I guess it’s been that long since I’ve used 98 I’ve forgotten all the important stuff… :slight_smile:


Go to Device Manager and make sure that DMA is enabled for the Lite-on burner. Then install the latest VIA 4in1 drivers.

Delete the Windows temporary files. Defrag your hard drive(s) and check in Prefernces to see where the hard drive disc cache is located. Make sure that you have at least close to a GB of disc memory available to cache the CD’s.

Use a different high quality media other than the Ricoh and try it again. :wink:

Heed Pio2001’s advice: ALWAYS rip to wav’s first with a dedicated audioripper. Then burn to CD.
This ensures the highest possible quality. Especcialy when dealing with scratched CD’s. In case you wonder which programs to use: PlexTools if tou have a Plextor drive and EAC for the less fortunate ones.

I’ve decided he’s upgrading to XP. I know it works on that, as most of the system was mine anyway, burner included. I’ll let you know the outcome later.