Burning audio cd's on my IDE 4x4x24 CD-R/RW burner

The topic basically asks the question. I’ve done this a few times before, but have since forgotten how to go upon creating my own audio cd.
I have the following programs to use for burning:
CeQuadrant, NERO 5.0, FireBurner 2.16

I know that I need to convert my .mp3’s to .wav’s using Music Match 4, but when I try to drag the WAV’s onto the cd, then burn, the CD doesn’t work.

Anyone know how to correctly burn the files to make an audio cd?
I also heard that the process can be simplified if I bought Memorex Audio CD-R’s.

check this link to an article on how you have to burn audio cd’s

Use nero 5; it’ll convert the mp3’s automatically. Be sure to select audio cd; or use the wizard to make an audio cd.

You probably burned the cd as a data cd, thatway it won’t work in a normal audioplayer!!
So make sure, already told, that you burn the cd as an audio cd!!
And burn in “DAO” mode! Or else you will hear crisping when the next song begins!!

Good luck!