Burning audio cd's from mp3



I have already tried to explain my problem here with burning audio cds starting from mp3 files.

I try to give some more details. Please help me

I tried to make audio cds starting from mp3. The programs i used where : Nero 4.05.6, easy cd creator 3 and MP3 CD Maker 1.17. I always drag and drop the mp3's and my writer starts to write. After all is finished i took a look at the *.Cda files and they where all files of 44 bytes and dated at 01/01/95. Strange but can somebody give me a single clue ?

I already tried to delete 2 of the 3 cd-burn programs i used (i deleted NEro and Easy cd creator) and now only use WinonCD 3.6 in combination with mp3cd maker. The problem is still there.

Please help me.


What’s the prob ??? It’s normal that Windows shows .CDA files of 44 bytes… Put an original Audio CD in your drive and you’ll see the same…

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OOps, ok than.

My problem is that when i try to play these tracks with an audio player there is no sound. Only the time indicator walks forward but i don’t hear anything.


I have also seen that he has written the¨*.cda files in this format :

14H KBps 44


In the message before i meant :

14H KBps 44Hz

The mp3 files are originally in the right format (128 Kps 44 Hz)


The 14H and 44kHz are Ok also, if you play a CDA track from an original CD in WinAmp, you’ll see 14H also…

Does the CD play in a normal stereo ???

Maybe you could try to perform DEA on one of the tracks, so you can see if there is any audio on the CD…

At last you could try to convert your MP3s to WAV, and burn the WAVs, it takes a bit more time, but maybe that will work…

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