Burning audio CD's for the car from .mp3's



Any recomendations for a good (free if possible) program to convert .mp3’s to cda’s to play in the car? I used to use Nero but I’m trying to get away from it.

What’s your favorite?


My favourite is J.River Media Center (also available for free as J.River Media Jukebox) because it’s excellent for managing a large collection of media files.

For simplicity I’d suggest Burrrn (alternative link).


ill second the ‘Burrrn’ :wink:

simple to use straight forward no non-sense AUDIO burning app that loads up real fast :wink: … you just load up the .mp3 files you want to burn into Burrrn and it does the rest and after it’s done it will burn you a standard audio cd.

and best of all it’s FREE.


Thanks. I’ll give Burrrn a try. A buddy at work also suggested Burn4Free. Anybody ever try it?


I tried Burrrn and I have a couple questions…

  1. Is there a way to edit the artist/group for a song? Almost all the CD’s I burn for the car are compilations of a bunch of different groups. My Pioneer head unit will display the artist/group on one line and track title on another. The one I did all shows up with the same group.

  2. This CD is way quiet compared to my other (Nero burnt) CD’s. I had to crank the volume up to 30 (on a 0 to 40 scale) to hear it. Normally I listen with it at 12 to 14. 30 to 35 is rattle the neighbor’s windows / pounding headache territory.

All help greatly appreciated! :bow:

  1. I don’t know of a way to change the artist per track using Burrrn (for CDs with multiple artists). You might have to use a more advanced tool for that purpose.

  2. Perhaps Nero is set to adjust volume for each track? There’s a Replay Gain adjustment in Burrrn, but I haven’t tried it.


Thanks much!

I’ve always checked off the Normalize all tracks box in Nero. Maybe the “gain” thing is something along those lines?

Too bad about not being able to edit the artist. It’s seems like it could be a nice easy to use little program. :frowning: