Burning audio cd´s without gaps

Ok, i´ve downloaded “Astral Projection - In The Mix CD1 Sundown”
And the whole CD is a big phat mix, and now i want to burn it on a audio cd so i can use it everywhere, but i do not want those 2 sec gaps between the tracks on the CD, does anyone knows how to fix this?
I have CDRWIN and Nero 5

Just make sure you burn as “Disk at Once” and they’ll be no gaps

Wilma is correct!.

accept for ezcd 4 (but hee she loves it) more friendly…hahhahah

NeRo Rules

Ok, I´ve figured it out with Nero…
And by the way, how can anyone possible want to use ezcd? it sucks… Nero is way more l33t

wilma: No, i didn´t wrote that shit just beacuse someone else did, i´ve never copied a game with ezcd that works… and all the games that i´ve tried to burn with Nero works 100%
I really dislike people like you…