Burning Audio CD

I’m probably posting this in completely the wrong bit - sorry if I have.

No laughing at me now but I might be being a bit dim here, but I’ve been trying to burn an audio cd. If I burn to CD from Windows Media Player, there’s not enough room on the CD to take all the tracks BUT if I go into the file folder and just copy it to CD, it all goes on. That’s fine BUT I did a trial run on a CDRW to make sure that it would play and it all copied over tickety boo. Went to copy it over onto CDR and it won’t do it.

Am I being particularly thick? Is it because its a recordable and not a rewritable CD that it won’t copy?

Is there a better way than WMP to burn the tracks to CD?



Blank CDs have an 80 minute or 700 MB limit. If you burn it as a standard Audio CD, the 80 minute limit applies. You can also burn it as a ‘data’ cd and the limit is 700 MB. Most music on computers is compressed (MP3, WMA, AAC, etc.) and occupy about 10 to 20% of the space required by non-compressed audio. Some CD players can play MP3 or WMA files and can read these data disks. If your player can’t play MP3, then you’re stuck with the 80 minute limit.

The files are in MP3 format and in total come to 189Mb but if I try to burn them to CD from WMP, it won’t take it but if I copy them straight from the folder they will copy onto a CD-RW but won’t copy to a CD-R. I’m just wondering what I’m doing wrong?

cds can contain data upto 703mb (most 700mb cdrs have 3 extra mb) , and audio upto 80 minutes , means that when burnning audio , the total length of all tracks combined cannot exceed 80 minutes , if your cd/dvd player supports mp3s then you might be better off burnning em as data , but you must use a proper burnning software like nero/roxio (most burners come with nero) or you can use the free [B]CDBurnerXP[/B] (using the windows cd wizard isnt a good idea considering UDF is not the native cd file system and the standalone player may have issues reading the cd) , also i recommend [B]Burrrn[/B] for burnning audio cds , i really cant say why it wont burn it without further details like error message or detailed burn log if you have nero , but my guess is that the burner just dont like the discs your using ,if you have some other branded discs then try em , i suggest youll get some verbatim datalife+ or taiyo yuden cdrs (and if you go for verbatim try to avoid “made in india” ones) , their the best and have very high compatbility among diffrent burners , verbatims can be easily found on local stores but taiyo yudens are not , their sold mostly on online stores

Thanks for the replies.

I’ve just tried with a CD-R again and the message I’m getting is E:/ is not accessible. Incorrect function. A CD-RW is no problem.

goto start–>run–>services.msc and double click “IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service” , its “startup type” should be set to “manual” , if it isnt alredy so then set it to manual and click “ok” and close the services window ,
goto “my computer” and right click the E: drive , click “properties” and goto “recording” tab and check “enable cd recording on this drive” and click “ok” , if that wont fix it or it was alredy checked then remove the upper/lower filters from the registry , read how to do that @ http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314060 , might wanna check the “guided help”…

why not try NoteBurner ands it helps your burn music on virtual CD-RW and it is quite easy to use.