Burning Audio CD

Hello there I own the Plextor Premium CD-Recorder (52x32x52) and trying to burn an Audio CD with CD-Text support so when I play it on my PC I can see the actual Title and Artist names…unfortunately I can’t get what I want…after several times my PC reads Track01.cda and so on…could someone advise me on how to achieve what I want?? maybe it’s something about the write method I don’t do the right way…should I use Track-at-once instead of Disc-at-once method?? or is it maybe something else I’m missing?? thanks in advance…

The burner AND the burning software must both support CD-Text. Nero supports very limited CD-Text data. What are you using for burning? Also, what playback software are you using on the PC? It must also support the reading of CD-Text data.

Neither Windows Media Player nor explorer displays cd-text information.

If you want a freeware software player that does so in order that you can check that the cd-text info has been burnt correctly, try Digital CD Player.