Burning audio CD. Which speed to choose?

I’m pretty sure this question is asked many times. I have googled but not found definite answer. So, my options are: Slim Optiarc AD-7700H writer and Verbatim AZO 700MB/80min CD-R (made in India). It is widely discussed if an audio CD should be recorded at as slow speed as possible (4x perhaps). On the other hand it is known that modern writers and blank media are not optimised for slow speeds. Common recommendation for burning DVDs is that it should be recorded not at slower speed than half of max rated speed of media and in case of slim burner not slower than half of burner max recording speed (8x usually). If this applies to CD i don’t really know. Slim burners max CD writing speed is 24x isn’t it? So, my question is: should i burn my audio CD at 4x or higher speeds like 8x or 16x will be ok? Thanks in advance.

On a slim drive I’d try at 8x and see how that goes. I’m guessing the drive can burn at a constant 8x from start to finish (CLV).

I have to try it, actually [B]never[/B] burnt a single CD-R on that drive. This CD will contain my own music and is meant to be sold at auction at my wedding party so only god knows what kind of players this CD will be played on. Simply i have to be sure that it will play even on ordinary boombox without any errors:) Little OT :smiley: