Burning audio cd slower than minimum speed?

I got a problem. My old Teac CDW 540 doesn’t work anymore so I bought brand new Teac CDW552G. As I mostly burning audio CDs now I got a problem as slowest speed that I can burn with it is 12x. Till now I was burning at 8x (on CDW540), but from now on I can’t. Discs burned at 12x gives much more C1 errors and my stand alone CD player struggle to read those discs.
The best result I get with Verbatim’s/Mitsubishi “Music Live it” media, but its give a far more C1 errors than disc burned on my old Teac CDW540 at 8x.
I wander is there some firmware for Teac that allows burning at slower speeds or someone have some other solution?

just an opinion , burning slower doesnt meant better results.
You should try to find the best burning speed for each type of cd.
Try plextor cds, maybe you’ll get better results.
(verbatim’s are in most cases just “median” quality cds)

12x for CDDA is good enough.
The most important point these days is the quality of the media.

And for that, you’re best off getting Taiyo Yuden discs online.

Verbatim Pastels are Taiyo Yuden & excellent. Their Super AZO are nearly as good.