Burning at slower speeds?



I have a NEC 3540A with the latest L&D firmware. I don’t know why anymore but I’ve always just burned at 2X or 4X, rarely 8X with all my media. Right now I’ve run out of TYs but have some new 16X Ricoh. Does burning at slower speeds produce better results?

note:i have an older P4/512mb


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Some say yes that burning slow does improve burns. However most here would say NO.

for 4x & 8x rated media burn at the rated speed. For 16x media most probablyburn at 12x with very good results, although the difference between 12x & 16x burning quality is likely to be very small.

With some of the 18x & 20x burners very good results are being achieved with quality 16x media burned at these higher speeds.