Burning at low speed

Hi Guys
I am trying to burn Ritek 8x DVD+R on Sony DRX 720UL using NERO 6. The problem is Nero (and DVD Shrink) shows me write speed options of only 6x and 8x. I want to burn at 4x because even at 6x I dont get good quality video. Before this i was using Taido Yuden 8x DVD+R and at that time it used to give me the option of burning at 4x and had excellent video quality. But I ran out of discs and bought some Riteks as i heard they were good quality. When I view the disc info in Nero it says that this recorder can burn the disc at 6x and 8x. If it can burn one kind of disc at 4x shouldnt it be able to burn this at 4x as well ?

Is there a way to force the writer to burn at 4x ?

Write speed strategies are inside firmware, so the only way to modify them is modify firmware.

There are some tools to do that, but it invalidate warranty, so use at your risk.

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Either your burner has some problems burning media at their rated 8x speeds (TY, oh well) or your player must be crappy playing them back.
Video quality cannot change burning at different speeds…