Burning at less than 4X?




first of all, I’ve heard several times that to burn back-up copies of PS2 games, the slower you burn them, the better. In fact, I use Swap Magic and some games burned at 8X won’t play correctly, or they just don’t load… So I would like to ask that, if that is true, recording at slower speed could fix this problems.

And then, in case it was true, I will need to burn them at lower speeds, but my NEC 2510A (with official 2.18 firm version) doesn’t let me burn at less than 4X. I use Verbatim DVD+R (MCC 004), and I can only choose between 4X, 6X or 8X. I would like to know how can I burn at 2X for example, or even 1X…

I guess it has something to do with my media, so then I would like to know which media should I buy in order to be able to burn them at less than 4X. Is there any software wich would allow me to do that with my actual media??

I would prefer not to change my NEC’s firmware (I would upgrade my firm if it was to an official firm, but not a hacked one).

Thank you all!! (and sorry for my english, I’m spanish)