Burning at higher speed than cd-r(w) was made for

What are your experiences with burning on those old cd-r(w)'s that don’t even mention a speed or mention a speed that is lower than your writer is capable of burning?

To ny knowledge those markings are just a “certificate” that the CD-RW has been used succesfully at the highest recorder speed at the time of manufacturing. Should work fine. But you never know do you? Have they been giving you problems at high speeds or what?

Using NERO, it automatically uses the speed a CD-RW is capable to achieve…

I have never tried to “overspeed” a CD-RW… but I suppose that it will be screwed.



You can’t “overspeed” a CD-RW. The speed allowed for a CD-RW media is written on every CD-RW and read by the recorder before burning!! So if you try to write a 2x CD-RW media at 4x or higher it will always be burnt at 2x speed.

This doesn’t apply to “normal” CD-R media - the speed printed on the package is just a “test speed” - you shouldn’t burn at higher speeds but will be able to. Although I wouldn’t recommend it.

i’ve tryed burning some audio cd (2x) at 4x
it started well …, after a 'bit (close to the end ), it stopd calling a write error…
the part recorded is ok but it stops at a certain point…

don’t have any more 2x cd to try… too bad