Burning at 52X takes 12 min. with CDBurner XP Pro 3!

I have an HP here that I installed a Lite-On 52X burner into, and for some reason, it is very picky about the burning software that will work.

I tried loading Nero 5.9.1, but it screwed up the computer. I forget how, but I had to reinstall the OS. I’ve never experienced that before.

I then tried Roxio, and it didn’t like that either.

So, I tried installing CDBurner XP Pro, and it worked. The only thing is, it’s taking 12 min. to burn a CD at 52X! I have it set to Track-At-Once.

What’s the deal? Is it a setting? A compatability issue between the software and the burner? A burner issue?

Please advise.

The Liteon should be happy with any burning software. Really the burning software makes very little difference.

There are 2 possible reasons for the slow burning:-

  1. DMA is not enabled for the burner but that shouldn’t slow it down that much for CD burning,
  2. Crap media. I’ve got some Memorex 24x which take about as long to burn as yours.

I’d go for reason 2.

Actually, I just downloaded and installed Nero 7, and burned the same project with the same type of media, and it burned in 5:06. That’s still kind of slow for a 52X burner, but it’s a hell of a lot better than 12 min.

Definitely check whether or not DMA is on.

Heck, I have DMA2 on my Plextor PX230A, and my 52x Memorex still takes about 3 min, when I had a Lite-On with Nero 6.6 it was 2:30 flat. Same media type, BTW.