Burning at 4x

I’ve noticed that when I burn a dvd+r at 4x speed, my BenQ 1655 does the job very quitely, almost no noise, compared to the vacuum-like sound when I burn at 16x. I now burn all dvd’s in 4x, following advices given to me in this wonderful forum. It produces better results, specially when one is not using the best media. My question is: does burning in lower speeds is better in regards to the life of the burner? does it make the burner cooler and subsequently less wear and tear, etc.?

My burners seem to last well when I burn at 12x or 16x. I never burn at such slow speeds but then I always use top quality media.

I don’t think that burning one immediately after another would be too good as the burner would get very hot & heat is the enemy of all computer equipment.