Burning at 40x with PX-W4012TA Plextor in Raw dao mode

I have a plextor PX-W4012TA and when i burn a cd in raw dao mode it only burns at 24x. When i burn at any other mode it burns at its normal speed. Plextor advertised there burner at 40x and didnt indicate that you could only burn in raw dao mode at only 24x . I am mad because i just upgraded from a 24x and my new burner doesnt burn any faster. If you know any way to burn a cd in raw dao mode with a plextor PX-W4012TA burner Please tell me:bow: :bow: :bow:

I am hoping that they will later be able to fix this huge problem with a firmware update!

Im afraid not, pal. Plextor plan not to “address” this issue. I sold my W2410A to get the W4012A, after reading the very detailed review, I found hardly any distinctive positives to buy the new Plextor, being audio CD writing & RAW DAO limited to 24x, when it is a 40X recorder:confused: My 24/10/40A did all the stuff the 40x does…

So I bought a LTR-48125W (Lite-On) nothing of the quality of the Plex, but nevertheless no ‘limitations’ on RAW-DAO and authoring of CD-DA at 48X CAV.

*I wait for the BEST, :bow: Yamaha CRW-F1 to become avaliable :wink:

That review was of coarse done by www.cdrinfo.com :bigsmile:

They advertised it as a 40x burner, isnt that false advertising or something. I had no way of knowing it would only burn at 40x. Wtf? Is that even legal?

I ment to say i had no way of knowing it would only burn at 24x

Nothing illegal about it since the drive can write at 40x without problems. Jus not when writing in DAO-RAW mode which is officially not supported by Plextor (and any other CD-RW drive manufacturer). Oh and Shady17738, you can edit your thread with the EDIT button below your post :wink: