Burning at 2x on Pioneer 107D




I have a bunch of blank RITEK G03 disks that I used to burn at 2x on my Pioneer DVD-105 burner (hacked firmware). Has anyone successfully burnt these disks on the Pioneer 107D successfully?

I am using Nero 6.3.1 and even though I set the speed to 2x, the burn always fails.



I’ve burned quite a few of them without any problems. I’m using official 1.13 FW.


What error message are you getting?

Communication failure, perhaps?

In this case try another program. There seems to be a problem between Nero and Pioneer. Perhaps there are other issues involved, like via drivers, but I solved it changing the recording program.


Riteks G03 burn really well on my Pioneer 107 FW 1.13 at 2X. Too bad I can’t say the same thing about the NEC2500.


I too have the hacked 1.13 firmware and Nero and I have a Pioneer 107D that burns Ritek-G04 at 6x or 8x flawlessly.

However some RiteK-G03 simply refuses to burn at 2x. Just burns a little bit and out pops the disk with write errors. If I set it to burn at 6x, it burns okay, but the burn quality is bad.

Maybe I have a bad batch of those Ritek-G03 disks. Will try my old stock of TDK and Fuji and hopefully they will burn fine.