Burning at 20x



Hi chaps, enjoying this forum.
I have a question, I’ve been burning away on my new Pioneer 216d, and I’m terribly pleased with it. I’ve been burning at Verbatim dvds at 20x (and TYG02 at 12x) without any problems, each disc verifies fine in Nero 7 and occasionally I test it by copying the files back to the hard drive. Should I expect any problems with burning at this speed given that it all seems ok? The store I purchased from suggested not to burn at 20x or 12x, will I have problems accessing the data later opposed to if I had burned at a lower speed?
As I mentioned it seems ok at the moment.



People have different opinions about and experiences with high speed DVD burning.

My experience is that burning faster than 8x almost never improves the burn quality, but it very often reduces the burn quality - depending on combination of burner, firmware, media and the quality of the particular batch of media.

Hence I burn almost all my DVDs at 8x (for some specific media at 6x or 12x) because I don’t care about the saved burn time for burns faster than 8x.


Ok, I’m just doing a large backup, and really want it done fast. Just concerned that the data might deteriorate over time faster than an 8x burn, because right now I can verify and access the 20x dvds perfectly.
So I’m assuming all is well…