Burning at 1X

Is it possible to force 1X recording? I have LG GSA-4040B burner. I’m asking this because I’m having lots of problems writing at higher speeds. Bought Princo 1-4X certified disk and write quality is very bad. Lowering speed to 2X improves quality but not enough. It’s almost the same with every disk. When 3,5GB boundary is reached reading speed drops to less than 1X. :confused:

According to the drive’s specifications as listed in OC’s review of the drive the lowest recording speed for DVD-R is 2x unfortunately. If this is the case you cannot force the drive to burn at a lower speed and all you can do is upgrade the firmware of your drive for better media compatibility or try a different brand of media. In OC’s review you can find an overview of which media works well and which don’t (page 5). Good luck!

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